Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Theory on Astral Projection

By Mark Cunningham

When I was Ten or Eleven years old I had a fascination in the occult and alternate states of reality. I was particularly interested in astral projection I would read all the books and try all the examples, you see I really wanted to experience what these so called astral travelers were experiencing, apparently they were able to leave their bodies for a length of time and travel in the real world to far off places - often they would notice something whilst traveling that would have been impossible to notice from their present location and after their experience would gain credibility by confirming that the object or place actually existed. So in a nutshell people may have the ability to leave their bodies and travel often flying to far off places sometimes also time traveling.

To examine this further I will need your open mind for this is a journey that if you follow right to the end may change your life forever. BECAUSE IT DID FOR ME!

There are many theories about this ability and the lack of a single proven theory gives me the right to have my own opinion on why and how we have this amazing untapped gift. To start with at this very moment look at your hand, doesn't matter which one - now clench your fist, not to tight just enough to feel the pressure and sensation of warmth, the joints clicking (mine anyway), the extension in your forearm, you get the picture. Now how does this happen, scientist will have you believe that it is all in our head the feelings are triggered by the millions of nerve endings in our hand and impulses travel up the arm into our head where the process is completed. Well you know I am going to say this is not true and I have proof, well I don't have proof! However what I do have is clues which I will cover as we proceed. Anyway back to your hand, you clenched your fist and felt it didn't you - wait a minute what is YOU, What are you! You are a collection of cells protein and bone and other things, which makes you a mass or blob, structured with a frame of bone and If that was true then how do YOU feel and how do you see and most importantly how do you know that you have done it and think about it. Think about this why doesn't a robot that has processors and sensors have feelings, you may argue that a computer is very much like the human brain and does have feelings - but this is absurd; a computer does what it is told because all a computer is capable of is following instructions with the decision making illusion decided by its creator, so a computer is just a super toy or tool that often can mimic human behavior. So how do we feel and know it, how do we enjoy or hate, love or lust, care for and do the irrational to other people - to answer that, there is no easy answer because I am crossing into the mysterious unexplainable domain of the - I, the SELF -. So here goes I believe that we are not protein sacks, that in fact we are astral entities, right now this second we are all individual astral beings and the impossible is happening right now. You are sitting or standing reading this article as an astral being, a child of the universe with the mysterious SELF within.

Remember the clues I mentioned, I consider our creativity to be the big clue to our hidden nature we express our selves in our creativity and often look at our creations and wonder at them in amazement. Take for example our fascination with outer space and our creation, the space suit to enable us to experience space! Why do this why not just stay where we are. This is it you see our astral being has evolved from a state where there was other levels of existence to experience it would occupy the astral plain that was devoid of detail and depth (Ill explain this in a moment) and see this other place that was just out of reach that had substance and gravity, light and sound - I'm talking of the material plain of course, and would dream of reaching out and going to this place.

So over the eons or maybe moments we developed the ability to reach the material plain, but don't ask me how but we developed our material bodies that gave us the ability to do just that. So you see, this is what is happening right now with space travel and dreams of interstellar travel, it goes far deeper than a need for resources its what drives us because of our astral beginnings the longing for something more. What about art, music architectural wonders of the world all this makes us feel good inside, WHY, because we have our astral existence to thank.

The astral plain was once devoid of colour and sound, texture it was just blank nothingness we existed there as entities just floating with no imagination or power of thought we had just the inner self that spark if you will the mysterious I and we craved all the things that the material world had to offer and it was just over the horizon teasing us. The pull of this other realm was just to great for us to ignore but we made it there didn't we! We've achieved the impossible thanks to our protein sacks. But hang on what about when our bodies wither and melt back into the earth what happens then "WE DIE" you say No we return to the other/astral realm where we came from but this time we take with us the experiences we just had on the material plain not as humans but as architects to help paint our once blank realm that was nothingness with our experiences and our wrongs and wrights.

Our collective experiences now start filling the astral plain with color and sound, texture and feelings like a museum of life, its our very reason for being here to contribute to the astral world and make our true realm, our home, a better place. So you see this is reflected in our creativity and our drive on the material plain, its just us doing what we exist for to fill our hearts with color and feeling so we have something to take back with us.

Right so with this in mind if you clench your fist again you are getting sensation of pressure and texture from your outer suit - your body - and it sends the signals to your brain that then converts the signals to something that you the astral being can experience similar to our communication devices that we use like TV, RADIO, MOBILE PHONES the signal is converted to something that we can hear from the speakers that then goes through our ears and is transformed by the brain into a coherent format for our astral selves. Does this make sense; Bear with me.

We can actually see astral substance right now close your eyes and imagine a triangle. It's your imagination right! Well yes it is, your imagination allows you to perceive things you have experienced in abstract or exact form and no it's not the astral world but a lower form of it that prepares our experiences on the material plane using memory; for the astral plane.

Well! I know most of you will probably find this hard to digest and that we are stuck in our bodies, well this is almost true. It's the other way around, in fact our bodies are stuck to us. And like someone who has been in an environment for to long and has to acclimatise to a new one like someone in prison for years for instance, they struggle to see the other possibilities and often recoil at them and cling to the familiar until they take time and instruction on how to do something new and that will in time, eventually feel normal.

So if our physical bodies are really a kind of space suit or putting it more accurately physical plain suit, why can't we just climb out of it be natural like we should be. Well good question.

We are born in this suit, our memories of the other world if we have any, are cleaned and we are given a chance to experience the world; unbiased and fresh we grow in our suits and our suits mold our astral self into a form very similar to what we look like in the mirror. We become glued to our bodies and we learn to trust our physical self and eventually depend on it. So you see now its not easy to get out of the jelly bags we call bodies. I have tried believe me but I learned that, if done incorrectly it can create a mental block or something that would make it near impossible for me to do it again. But all was not in vane.

Here's the thing! I actually managed to do it only for a short time and it was AMAZING I followed one of the tutorials I have been practicing for about 2 months, and I actually DID IT twice!. For the best part of 2 months I practiced one of the tutorials I purchased, I had to imagine myself 'right before going to sleep' in a situation where I would feel uncomfortable and restraint. The idea goes that the longing for freedom will separate the astral self at the level of consciousness just above sleep. I imagined myself as a bird trapped at the bottom of the sea by a chain and the I the bird is drowning but all I need to do is reach the surface and I will be okay, I know its cheesy but who cares it worked - and there is a lot more to the tutorial than I have covered here though

In my first experience I found myself separate from my body for about 30 seconds and saw my body laying in bed from above. At that point I remember thinking, well a four letter word or something to that effect and was instantly projected back into my body. It was so strange and I sat up afterwords and felt exhilarated and for want of a better word on a high it didn't leave me for about two days the feelings of amazement and a sense of clarity I cant quite put my finger on.

The second time was intense, absorbing and very moving it touched me deep down and left me with a sense of clarity once again. I'm sure I was flying across some vast landscape that had structure and speed. I achieved my experiences because of these fantastic guides [] and the videos and it took me just less than two months I am looking forward to deeper experiences like this guide promises and I have started learning Lucid dreaming [] another passion of mine.

Mark Cunningham

IT Teacher

Private Tutor