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Out-Of-Body Travel - Have You Had Them?

My first fully conscious journey out-of-the-body experience happened to me when I was only two years old. Suddenly, I found myself hovering above my two year old body with a mature adult consciousness. I gazed at the young body, then back up to notice the position of the stars in the night sky to instantly recognize my location in the universe. Then I said to myself in silent wonder, "Earth? What am I doing on Earth?" The experience lasted for a few minutes before I re-entered the body to resume the role of being a two-year-old child. I soon forgot about the conscious clarity of the experience. Many years later, at the age of eleven or twelve, a series of phenomenal events took place in my life that fully awakened this childhood experience and much more. I kept completely silent about this awakening and about a number of direct UFO encounters I began to have shortly after this, while residing in Washington State not far from MT Rainier during a time when there were many documented UFO sightings there.

Much later on (around age of nineteen), I was living in Half Moon Bay, California in a house near the Eucalyptus forests that ran down to the shoreline. It was a warm sunny afternoon day in early summer and I walked out the open back door, then stopped to gaze down at the white sand dune at my feet. An unusual comforting energy come down over me (that's the only way I have of describing it) and I just intuitively knew to stoop down and draw a very ancient symbol in the sand with my forefinger. At the time I was unaware this symbol came from ancient Lemuria. (More is revealed about this place a little further along in this article.) Then, without stopping to ponder or think why, I went into the house and tuned my guitar into a tuning I had never played in before. The immediately inspiration came to me to perform a hauntingly beautiful, intricately finger-picked guitar composition over which I sang (not consciously knowing what I was doing) the inherently complete lyrics of the song that became titled, "Lemuria." Eventually, this lead to the creation of THE PARALLEL TIME TRILOGY of novels and screenplays labeled in a new genre as...Revealing Phenomenal Epic Adventures.

Later that afternoon, I laid down on my bed with my eyes open. Suddenly, a single word came into my head that simply commanded, "Up!" and I was immediately lifted out of my body. From my new perspective as an aware viewpoint comprised of a luminous sphere of energy, I gazed down at my body lying face-up on the bed with the eyes wide open and I clearly understood I was having a fully conscious out-of-body experience. Then somehow I just knew what to do and I flew right up through the ceiling to find myself in a slightly higher dimension with a body made of thousands of sparkling tiny blue star-like dots of light. This form looked exactly like my physical body; but the freedom I had in this higher body and what experiences I had in this other reality before voluntarily returning to my physical body will silently remain with me for now.

I spent the next twenty-eight years of my life developing, writing and re-writing what became "The Parallel Time Trilogy." Three volumes or books make up the trilogy that is predominately based on extensive explorations over the years into other realities and along what is sometime referred to as the past and future time-track. These journeys occurred both during the day while practicing certain contemplation or Spiritual techniques and at night while my body remained fast asleep. The epic story that came out of these explorations is centered around Earth in present time; unlike the "Star Wars" stories and films by George Lucas that happened far...far...away in another galaxy or the "Star Trek" T.V. and film series that took place centered around Earth in the distant future. There are also mature character and story elements that will keenly interest the fans of both "The Lord Of The Rings" novel trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien and the "Harry Potter" novels by J.K. Rowling.

A few of the story elements are outlined below:

The plausible resolution to the UFO phenomena, both benevolent and malevolent, revealed for the first time; why the poles of Earth flip over 180 degrees overnight approximately every 80,000 years. (This is now based on widely accepted scientific fact, supported by many scientists around the world); why there is an asteroid belt circling in the orbit of a planet between Mars and Jupiter in our solar system that was once an inhabited world; the exploration of numerous paralleltime (combined here into a single word for creative reasons) doorways or inter-dimensional portals that lead into parallel dimensions on Earth or into higher dimensions that exist well beyond the vast reaches of outer space; the secret group of Master Adepts that carefully guard these inter-dimensional doorways, who are - for the most part - entirely unknown to the history of this world and its people; and where we are all headed in the near future, while our continued existence at stake, as the protagonist and antagonist go at it for the survival or destruction of Earth.

More information about Lemuria follows:

Lemuria or Mu, as it is sometimes referred to, was an ancient civilization that existed on Earth before it was destroyed approximately 80,000 years ago.

Many of you may agree or disagree with this statement. However, remember this. Lemuria existed for approximately 80,000 years before it was destroyed. Those of you who have had some past-life recall about this mysterious land should ponder that you may have recalled various aspects of one lifetime or perhaps even entire lifetimes located at different points along the this long time-track of approximately 80,000 years. Some of you may have recalled time spent on Lemuria when it was in its infancy. Others will remember a life midway along its development and still others may recall passing out of a lifetime at it zenith when it was destroyed in one night. Therefor, it may startle some of you to realize that you may all be right to some degree regarding this ancient continent. That said, I will now continue with this article.

Lemuria was a massive continent centered over the equator of Earth at the time that roughly looked like what is called today referred to as THE RING OF FIRE. This ring is created when the volcanic tectonic plates collide with each other along the pacific rim down the west coast of North, Central and South America, then across the ocean to continue upward along the eastern seaboard of Southeast Asia, China, Russia, and then back across the ocean to Alaska. If you drew a pencil line along these coastlines on a map or globe of Earth you would make a complete rough circle that crosses over significant volcanic activity of THE RING OF FIRE. This was the rough shape and size of what was Lemuria. This entire huge Lemurian continent, the benevolent ruling and colonizing center of the world at the time, was destroyed when the poles of our planet flipped over 180 degrees overnight and I must mention that our planet goes through this cycle like clockwork approximately every 80,000 years. This resulted in the complete volcanic eruption and total destruction of the massive Lemurian continent as it sank beneath the seething ocean waves. Most of its then large colony continent of Atlantis (two-thirds the size of the motherland of Lemuria and almost independent in its own right at the time) was located on the other side of the planet, also centered over the equator. It too was almost completely destroyed during this one night - all but a small five hundred square mile volcanic island. It was this large island that was once located in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle area in the Atlantic ocean southeast of Florida. Over a long period of time, Atlantis grew into a dominating power to become the new colonizing empire of the world. Then it was destroyed by volcanic eruptions caused by the misuse of scientific technology coupled with the corrupt ruling priests misuse of psychic power approximately 35,000 years ago. The famous well-documented and highly accurate deceased psychic Edgar Cayce stated that he could only view into the past time-track as far back as 35,000 years and this coincides with his statement regarding the time when the Atlantis he knew about was destroyed.

In Summary:

"Always follow your heart." is a good saying or axiom that I choose to adhere to in my own life. This statement I hang my hat on it, so-to-speak, as a way of living, being and going forward through life. By practicing this saying, a new developing website is being created as a home for both the music that originated from the above experiences and "The Parallel Time Trilogy." When the release date is announced and the first hardback book becomes available to the public, everyone will know that this novel trilogy is headed (in the very near future) toward major feature film production. Principle photography of all three features will be shot back-to-back, followed by the worldwide theatrical release of each episode over a three year period. After all, the novel trilogy episodes were developed after the entire screenplay trilogy was first written, re-written and finally completed. Episode or Book One is nearly ready for worldwide publication. It will be released with a special high effects short feature DVD film. This will have an accompanying music score and it will be available with other associated ancillary products from our new novel and ancillary publishing company via our developing website and through major retail booksellers - as well as many other outlets.

Thank you for reviewing this article and please periodically check back to see how the website is developing and for the announcement of the release date for Novel One of the trilogy. (Nothing is currently being promoted for sale at this website. There is no shopping cart.)

You are wished the very best in life.

Most sincerely,

R. Scott Lemriel

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