Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Out of Body Experiences

By Tracey Wilson

I have what is called astral projections; OBE's: Out of Body Experiences. My soul actually leaves my body. I travel around the house, or have trips up into the universe. Some I remember well and others I do not.
I have had them since I was a child, some have been good, while others awful. Most of the real bad ones happened while I was a teenager and young adult. I have been paralyzed and tried to yell or scream, but of course no one could hear me. On some of them when I returned to the body, I was able to open my eyes, but not able to move anything else.

I have no control over them, usually it happens at night when I am half-awake, half-asleep. I go into a deep natural meditation. I can feel my body pulling apart, it sort of feels like a magnet. Sometimes it feels like my soul is coming from my solar plexus (stomach) and rolls up and out through the top of my head. It seems like these are the ones that last the longest and are the hardest to get control over.

It has made me lose sleep a lot of nights, from continually having OBE's all night long. As soon as I get real relaxed, I'll slip out of my body; I'll force myself to wake up and then it will happen over and over through out the night. On nights like this, I try to stay awake. I don't want to go back to sleep and experience the OBE's again.

Sometimes I'll have no control and I'll bounce up and down, from the floor to the ceiling all the way through the house. This sensation doesn't happen often. I lose total control of being able to control where I go, or how long I do the bouncing. It is just like a rubber ball when you throw it hard on the floor and it bounces from the ceiling to the floor several times. That is what the experience is like. It's very unpleasant.

Most of the time I head toward the ceiling, floating right under it, out of my bedroom door, down the hall, through the closet door and up and out into the universe. I can not feel any material when I go out the door. It's like floating through air with nothing being in the way. I travel at a very fast pace once I start to go up into the universe, so fast, there is no explanation on earth for it, except faster than the speed of light. When I get into the universe, I'll find myself sitting on a planet or floating through the sky very slowly. It's a very pleasant experience.

I have had many experiences doing this. One time I was floating on my stomach in the pure darkness, (but you can still see). Looking forward I seen a huge angel wearing lavender and white floating toward me. We met and held hands and she talked to me telepathically. I wish I remembered what she said, but I don't. I just remember a calm and peace go all the way through my very being that stayed with me after I awoke.

Another time I went and just sat on a planet and gazed out at the universe. It was like I knew everything at the time and all was beautiful. There were no secrets and I understood all. The universe was just like a painting where I could look and see anything I wanted to see and have the knowledge of what I was looking at. I remember having the feelings of having this knowledge and remember what it feels like. But unfortunately, I have no rememberance of the knowledge itself. Maybe, I'm not meant to know such things. Maybe none of us are suppose to know such things until it is our time to pass over.

I have had other out of body experiences where I just go around the house visiting family, if they're awake and I know what time it is, I can tell them what they were doing at that time. Like, if they're watching T.V. what they are watching. If they're eating what they're eating, etc...

I have had other experiences where I met up with the dark side and they are very disturbing. I have struggled with fighting evil all night. They're very dark entities. Some have actually grabbed me and pushed me into the walls, while I'm trying to get away I call out to God and am back in my body and awake in the blink of an eye.

These experiences are very stressful. I have seen black figures, black orbs and figures that are just plain dark. So, I know there is a dark side out there, as well as a light side.
I also know that the light side is stronger than the dark side and in my occasions they have been to save me when I was in a bad situation and make me wake up or come to help me out of the dark places.

The world is good and evil. You must be careful what you study. I believe in praying for protection to the Higher Power that you believe in (for me it is God). I believe you need to pray for protection when you go to bed, or you leave yourself opened for all kind of entities who are attracted to your light which you give off. Protect yourself, however your beliefs allow you to do and do it nightly, or whenever you feel in danger.

Lately, I have gotten my OBE's under more control and have not had as many bad experiences, but it is after many years of praying and trying to control them. I do a lot more protective measures now then what I use to. I cleanse my room with sage and holy water. Leave regular water out in the sun for three days, pray over it and ask God to bless it and use it for Holy Water. Ask for whoever is not from the light to be detached from you and imagine a pair of scissors actually cutting away dark strings attached to your body.

In my best one, I actually met and walked with Jesus. In this walk, his face turned into many faces, one after another. What I understood this to mean is that He is all of us and we are all a part of Him. This is one of my favorite OBE's ever. I had one where I met the apostles David and John, just asking where I could find Jesus. These are very meaningful to me and I always wake up feeling so good after I have one.

I know a lot of people study to learn how to do this, but they may not realize exactly what they're getting into. Just be careful and make sure you know what you are actually getting yourself into. This is not a game to be taking lightly. They actually happen and if you don't know what you're doing you can get yourself into a dark place where you see or have things happen to you that you wish you never knew about. I know you hear a lot of stories about people doing it for the first time and how much freedom and happiness they felt and even fun. But they are not all like that. Know what you're getting yourself into and proceed with caution.

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