Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Out Of Body Experiences

By Peter Dobrovic

He felt the familiar dislocation as he drifted away from his physical form and came to rest beside the bed that contained his and his wife's sleeping bodies. Looking down at them briefly, he felt both a part of them and as if he was a detached onlooker. This phenomenon had begun during a serious childhood illness and continued to occur in the present day. He became aware of the same conditions that had accompanied it in the past. The darkness was suffused with a vibrant blue aura as he hovered slightly above the floor.
The sense of well being and energy that permeated him was in no way related to the physical state of existence. Although he presently appeared to have a tangible body, this was probably a superfluous effect, as his thoughts were free and completely removed from bodily considerations. He experienced a profound lucidity that belied the possibility that this was a dream... Any further observations came to an abrupt halt, as just then, the doorbell rang.

He fleetingly acknowledged that this was unlikely in the early hours but he could not prevent his own immediate movement towards the head of the stairs. In passing, he noticed that his feet were not actually touching the steps as he descended the staircase and made to unlock the front door. It was far too late to heed the inner voice that startled him with its urgent imperative not to open the door.

Conclusions surfaced during the seconds that it had taken for him to commit to this inadvisable action.

The door that he was opening did not relate to this house but was instead one step removed from material reality. His instant reaction had left no pause between thought and deed and the fact that he'd taken his normal route through the house was attributable to habit rather than necessity.

Dread filled him as he swung the door back and absorbed the nightmare scene facing him. He retreated while realizing that he was not seeing the true face of the threat but, instead, a representation based upon his own expectations. Nevertheless, the danger was real and he had invited it into his home.

His mind raced as he decided that he must protect the souls in the bedroom above. He urgently backtracked up the stairs while facing the mélange of creatures that poured through the doorway. Positioning himself at the foot of the bed, between the couple and the approaching evil, he knew that only moments remained to ward off the impending harm. The horde crowded into the room and panic wracked him as he desperately searched for a way to fend off this impending peril.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a sense of calm and enlightenment infused him. Knowledge of what had to be done and a sheer confidence settled in where apprehension had previously existed.

Hesitation disappeared as he stared directly at the obscene and malevolent beings that pressed forward. Once prepared, he issued a command that left no room for negotiation...and quite simply ordered them to go!

His adversary seethed with anger but he knew now that they could only wreak havoc if he allowed them to...They fed off fear but could do no physical harm unless he first granted them permission.

With this knowledge he was also aware that what confronted him could never deny him providing he believed in himself and the greater powers that gave him existence.

Once again he commanded the evil to be gone and once more the throng endeavoured to intimidate him but their rebuttal was weaker now. Unwaveringly, he pressed them for a third time and the mass bridled but withdrew in spite of itself, vanishing into a void, leaving his home serene once more.

He relished the tranquillity for a moment before gradually turning to view the sleeping couple.

At that moment he heard a voice that conveyed a message of gentle pride as it congratulated him. "Well done" was all it said but, with that, a wave of warmth and love overcame him. He could not remember feeling such sheer contentment before and, uncharacteristically on these occasions, he was happy to return to his body. Drifting towards his inert form as it lay on the bed he let the restoration process take place.

There was a brief period of adjustment as the two forms began to merge, then finally they were one again. He opened his eyes and lay there for a while basking in the afterglow and then at last, with a smile on his face, he dropped off to sleep.

The sense of well being was still with him the following morning. He was making small talk with his wife when she happened to mention that she'd had a bad dream last night. She had dreamt that their doorbell had rung and, in her dream, they were both suddenly in danger...


For those of you that have experienced this phenomenon or something like it, perhaps you feel as I do that it cannot be easily dismissed. There are increasing reports of near-death experiences that bring with them a wealth of detail. The implication being that the Out of Body state may be more than simple fantasy. My own experiences over the years have provided substantial evidence both for myself and for those closest to me. The Tao Buddhists refer to our earthly existence as MAYA or Illusion, believing that we are in some way curtained off from true reality. One is given to wonder then what we would see, if we could pull aside the curtain?

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